All about me and Tropic Skincare

Hi,  I’m delighted to introduce myself to you and I hope you enjoy reading about my story and how I became part of a wonderful company called Tropic.  Of course I’ll tell you all about Tropic too.  So grab a cuppa, sit comfortably and get in touch to tell me what you think and ask any questions you have.  I’m excited so let’s get started! My name is Kathryn Beniston (generally Kat for short) and I'm from the East Midlands.  I have been using Tropic Skincare products since the day I came across them back in March 2015, having gone to a friend’s pamper evening (I had no clue what I was going to – in fact I think I misread the event details and saw ‘Tropical’ so assumed we might be having cocktails, grass skirts and fake tans!!) I was offered the chance to have the beautiful facial pamper these evenings always include and jumped at the chance.

I remember telling the ambassador ‘good luck’ as I sat in the hot seat because I had the most sensitive and blemish prone skin, having grown up with eczema and acne, and expected whatever this 'stuff' was that was going on me to sting, burn or cause some kind of reaction.  I admit I was not the most confident person when it came to my looks and was totally lost when it came to the big world of skin care and make up.  However, the immediate result on my skin was incredible, feeling fresh and cleansed, and I loved the fact this was a straight forward, honest and natural range.  So I ordered the Deluxe Skin Care set there and then as well as the Barely Nude Mineral Foundation Kit and an In Bloom lipstick (still my favourite everyday colour).  I also ticked all the boxes on the order form to say ‘yes I want a pamper’ and ‘yes tell me more about the company’.

The next day the ambassador from the pamper called me and we decided to get together later that morning.  We chatted about the company and how it all works and I thought ‘what have I got to lose?’  In fact it was more than that, I thought ‘here’s a potential opportunity to work for myself, build a business that’s already thriving and only still a baby, with Lord Alan Sugar at the helm, and just make something happen for me.’  So I said ‘yes’ and joined the company there and then.  I have to be honest and say I was rather sceptical about the whole direct selling thing.  I had no back ground in sales or in beauty and I did hear a few words in my head about ‘pyramid scheme’ and ‘get-rich quick scheme’ and that kind of thing.  So I thought…can I afford to spend £120 to start this business? Yes!  Can I commit lots of time to it?  No! Not with the job I had and being a mum of 3, but I was willing to give it 3 months and give what time I had to it; as long as I made my investment money back by then and was in profit I’d be happy.  To cut a long story short I went for it and, by month 5, I had quit my 10 year career and had become a manager with Tropic, had earned far more than my day-job had been bringing in and had qualified for the first ever Tropic trip abroad - a 6* holiday in Marrakech!  Oh and had learnt that this is certainly not a pyramid or get-rich-quick scheme and that I was pretty good at direct-selling (partly because I didn’t actually have to sell these products as they sell themselves); I just had to treat people with the respect people deserve, be sociable and offer others the chance to experience this beautiful Tropic range for themselves (as I had).

So where am I now?  Now I have a team of over 50 ladies – all of whom work for themselves, not for me – who I have the responsibility and privilege of supporting, mentoring and encouraging towards their Tropic goals, I am a Senior Manager and Tropic remains my only career.  I can’t call it a job so much as a lifestyle.  It fits perfectly around my children and role as mum, and pays for my mortgage, bills, activities, holidays and fun.  What more can I ask?!   I have found a skin care range that I love and trust, I have beautiful skin and my confidence has gone through the roof.  I feel confident about encouraging my children to use this range themselves and have seen the benefit of it on my youngest who suffers with eczema too.  I love everything Tropic; from the products, to my team and my managers, to my customers, to the incentives, to the culture of empowerment and celebration and women inspiring women (there are a few men here too – and they are very welcome).  I genuinely can’t imagine life without Tropic and I just want to share the opportunities with everyone.

It's important to say here that I don’t own Tropic, I don’t work for Tropic, I am not Tropic! I am a self-employed Tropic Ambassador with rights to sell the Tropic products – and I love it!!!! 

Ok – so What’s Tropic?  Who’s Tropic?  How can I get my hands on Tropic?  I can hear all those questions coming from you and more! Let me enlighten you.