So what and who is Tropic?

Tropic is a range of 100% naturally derived skincare, 100% natural and nature identical hair care, natural body care and make-up. The company is co-owned by Susan Ma and Lord Alan Sugar from The Apprentice (a BBC1 show). For those of you who watch The Apprentice you will have to go back to 2011 to see 21 year old Susie live out her journey there and get ‘fired’ by Lord Sugar just before the final! But a year later he approached her and offered to partner with her for a £200000 investment. There’s lots to Susie’s Story and the Tropic history over on my Shop so you can read more about that side of things there.

Tropic is a UK company – the offices, kitchens and warehouses are in Surrey. It’s there that all the products are freshly hand-made with fresh ingredients and then sent directly to customers, never being more than a few weeks old when they are delivered. The whole range is certified by the Vegan Society, PETA and Cruelty Free International and there is no gluten in any of the products.

Susie is so passionate about being at the front of the Green Beauty Revolution and she lives by the philosophy ‘don’t put onto your skin what you wouldn’t be prepared to put into your stomach’. She is committed to using what is available in nature to care for our skin and bodies and believes that ‘beauty should never come at the expense of our health’. Hers and Lord Sugar’s company is one that ‘Empowers Beauty’ and lives by the moto ‘Pure, Honest and Effective’.

Susie and Lord Sugar could easily have put these products up in the luxury skincare price range because the quality justifies that (just have a look at some of the Awards we have already won) but they wanted it to be available to as many people as possible. They also wanted their customers to know how valued and important they are and that they should be totally confident with Tropic products and so offer a 30-day money back guarantee on everything, allowing you to try anything you want and if not satisfied get a refund. So you’ll never waste money when trying Tropic.

Finally you can’t buy Tropic in the shops. Susie and Lord Sugar wanted to remain in control of the freshness, quality, price and promises of the range and selling it on the high street doesn’t allow for that. Susie also wanted a skincare range that is 100% naturally derived with a natural preservative system (which she has!) and so won’t be able to sit in warehouses for up to 10 years as many skincare products do. Our products will last around a year.  So, they chose the direct selling approach and invited individuals to buy the rights to sell Tropic products to those around them. I am one of those individuals. I am a self-employed Tropic Ambassador and I have built up a large customer base. I promote Tropic predominantly through Pamper Evenings; I go into the homes of people who invite me in to demonstrate the products to their friends and family through a Tropic Facial (on the hostess or whoever she chooses) and giving space and time for everyone to explore the range as they would like to. These are happy, fun, relaxing evenings and you can find out more on my Opportunities page.

So – that’s me and Tropic in a nutshell. I hope you’ll save my page in your favourites and come and read my weekly blogs and keep in touch with all things Tropic. I’d love to get to know you so please do get in touch and link up with me on all the social media platforms in the bar at the bottom of the page. If you want to know more about how you can be involved in Tropic as a Customer, Hostess, Tropic Treasure or Ambassador then have a look on the Opportunities page and follow the links. The main word my customers use when talking about how the products make them feel is ‘fresh’, the main word I use when talking about the company is ‘beautiful’ and the way I describe my life and future with Tropic is ‘exciting’. How amazing is that?!