July Customer Email

Hello everyone and welcome to sunny July! It’s a month that’s going to be a record breaker temperature wise by all accounts – and no doubt another record breaking month for Tropic as we continue to grow in all areas in a phenomenal way – thanks to our wonderful Susie, HQ team, ambassadors and of course all of you lovely people! ❤  

Ambassadors Needed – Not to Sell! Read on… 👓

I have an amazing team of very beautiful ambassadors who are loving spreading the ‘Tropic Love’, but WE NEED MORE.  This company is going from strength to strength but we have a job to do and we need more help.  The thing is, Tropic is more than simply a stunning product range.  It’s a CULTURE, a MOVEMENT, a REVOLUTION (#GreenBeautyRevolution).  We are trying to alter the very face of the cosmetics industry by showing that we can provide high quality, totally natural, cruelty-free, affordable, sustainable skin care and make up; consequently we aim to save animals from being tested on, prevent deforestation leading to the extinction of natural habitats and entire species forever, stop marine life from having their water polluted by visible and less visible forms of plastics,  and stop our bodies from being slammed with chemicals it’s desperately trying to get rid of that are altering hormones and leading to all kinds of short and long-term health problems.  Every time someone buys a Tropic product they are using that spending power to tell the other companies they need to change (whether they intentionally mean to or not!)  Can you see that being part of Tropic and ‘spreading the Tropic Love’ isn’t simply selling products (we don’t need to ‘sell’ Tropic – you know it sells itself)?  It’s about making a difference with a company that is shouting so loudly by winning awards, being featured in top magazines, having bloggers falling over themselves to review the products, and more importantly staying true to it’s core of being Pure, Honest and Effective in order to ‘Make a Greener, Healthier, More Empowered World’.  We are a TEAM, a FAMILY, a MOVEMENT of people passionate about the Tropic range and passionate about what we stand for.  I’m sure there’s something in that which you can get behind yourself and you can help make that difference – or you know someone who would be perfect doing it.  Sometimes people worry that they can’t ‘do Tropic’ as they can’t ‘sell’ so I want to change your perspective.  Look at it in the way I’ve said above and if you have even the slightest tingle of excitement about being part of such an incredible company, or a name is coming to mind of the perfect person to be part of my beautiful team, then please don’t delay getting in touch.  The more people we have the faster those changes can take place on a global scale.  Eeek -so exciting!!


July Hostess Offer – E-pamper – Tropic Gettogether 😎

And if the sun doesn’t make you smile, then I’ve a hostess offer for you that I hope will: this July there’s an extra £20 to spend on top of the 15% hostess allowance for all pampers £250 or more.  That’s at least £57 for, simply for inviting a few friends round, opening up the gin, pimms or prosecco (or non-alcoholic alternative of course) and letting me pamper you with this award-winning beautiful Tropic range.  And if you simply can’t squeeze in a gettogether at home, then what about an e-pamper?  That’s an online pamper where you have a link in your name to my shop and you share that with your friends and encourage them not to miss out on their holiday essentials.  If you set up a FB event (or similar) with the link on there and in your Instagram Bio then I can get involved in posting photos to you and answering any questions.  Whilst it’s not the same as a pamper as you don’t get to play with theb products, in this holiday season it’s the perfect way of getting people together online and getting your free products as a hostess.  You would of course need to tell people why Tropic is so special to you and what you love about it – especially if they haven’t seen it before.  It’s one thing for me, as the Tropic Ambassador, to tell them how amazing it is, but another for you – it will mean so much more.  Remember enthusiasm is often infectious.

So – if you do want your own Tropic gettogether then dates I have available in July for the hostess offer are: Monday 9th July (it’s close but people will know where they are and if available), Monday 23rd July, Tuesday 24th July, Monday 30th July, Tuesday 31st July.  E-pampers can happen any time and can be live for up to a week so you can encourage your friends to go and shop at their leisure.

I’m booking for August and September too so do let me know dates you want.


Instagram 💻

Who’s on Instagram?  It’s the place to be nowadays if you’re not!  FB is all well and good and we’re comfortable with it.  But Instagram is the ‘now’ place (unless you’re still at school and that seems to be Snapchat – can’t keep up!)  I’d love to be following you and have you following me so please go and find me on Instagram at tropickatbeniston (if you are following any other accounts of mine then they won’t be active so please make sure it’s the right one…message me your link if you’re unsure).  I’ll be posting lots more of all things pictorial about life and  Tropic – especially all about tanning and world chocolate day on July 7th!!!

Buying From Abroad 🛩

Yes we can ship abroad.  Do you have family and friends around the globe desperate to get their hands on these incredible products?  If so then we can get them to them.  I’d love to know about them and for them to have a personal relationship with me so they can ask questions and discuss their needs and what’s best for them.  So firstly please connect us – can be via social media or by putting us together in an email/messenger/whatsapp message.  I’ll then explain how they can have their items shipped directly to them at a very competitive price.  Whilst we can’t yet have ambassadors abroad, we are working on that model…yes we are aiming to be international in the next few years…so getting friends and family using them actually puts them in an incredible position for when we do launch the international teams if they want to be ambassadors or hostesses themselves.  And it’ll all be thanks to you! So please do help me connect with them.


So, I encourage you to go back to the Ambassadors Needed section of this email and just have another read about what we’re about.  We really do need you and those people you know to help us.  They don’t have to be local.  If you have a friend in Scotland, or a cousin in Northern Ireland, or an Aunty on the Isle of Wight or anywhere in between then I will happily go and meet them and help them get started on this amazing Tropic journey.  Likewise, if you want to have a go then what have you got to lose?  Quite simply if you don’t try then you’ll never know!

 Have an amazing July, wonderful holidays if you are heading off somewhere this month, and do remember to get your own orders in to me before I go away in the middle of the month.  My very last order before I go will be Friday 6th July.

Love Kat x