Just a little appreciation…please!

It’s team meeting day, you’ve worked day and night these last few months on that project, you know you’ve met all the targets and your manager is pleased with the result.  This is it…the time you are going to get just a little recognition, praise and maybe even a celebratory gift (wasn’t it champagne in your dream?!)  It comes to that point in the agenda and you sit up straight, heart beating a little faster, waiting for your moment in eager anticipation and then…it happens! Your boss takes all the credit! She gushes about how she has achieved what she set out to achieve, how the company will go on to new heights because of the project she has ‘overseen’ and ‘managed’, how delighted she is that she has met those targets and, not wanting to seem out of touch or ungrateful, gives a general ‘thank you’ to everyone in the team for their contributions to her successful project! 

You slump in your chair, with a fixed smile on your face, trying to remember you’re part of a team and ‘it’s ok’ but let’s be honest, feeling pretty resentful and backstabbed!  You can’t say anything because you’ll look like a fool, so the rest of the meeting passes by and then off you go to start the next project.

Pretty demoralising isn’t it?!  You work hard all your life and someone else takes the praise and glory. 

Well, I have news for you…it doesn’t have to be like that!!  Yes, you heard me!  There are companies out there that don’t operate in that way.  That celebrate what you achieve – the big and the small (and who’s perspective is it anyway?) Who cheer you on and single you out to get the recognition you deserve.  Who actually look for ways to give you gifts to encourage you and build you up.  Who don’t just look at targets and goals but look for those who show character and determination and have the ability to get up when life knocks them back, and guess what?  They reward you for that too!

“Where are these companies?” I hear you screaming at me.  “How can I be part of them?”

Right here!  The culture of Tropic is one of empowerment and celebration, of achieving success from your perspective and working towards goals you have set.  It’s a culture of mutual respect and admiration, where we will take time in a meeting to encourage one person who has had a knock back; not just saying sympathetic comments but sitting and helping build a plan to help that individual back onto her track. 

Following a recent team meeting, a new team member, who had attended her first ever meeting and gone away with recognition awards for her achievements in the first month of her business, her sales and her attitude to her new business, sent me a message.  She told me that she has been in her career for over 38 years and, despite overseeing projects and managing a team, had never been recognised for anything; her manager always gets the praise for work she has done.  My team member even has to buy the celebratory gift to thank her manager for a project she has actually done!!  Now that’s a slap in the face if ever there was one!

It’s not the first time I have heard this kind of story from people who are now part of Tropic.  It’s also not the first time I have had a message sent to me thanking me for recognising them for their efforts and how they leave the meeting feeling inspired, uplifted, encouraged and motivated.  These are standard meetings in the team I am part of.

In a few weeks time, over 1000 of the Tropic Ambassadors, and a few guests, will be heading to Telford for our huge Glambassador celebration event and Autumn/Winter product launch with Susie Ma and Lord Alan Sugar.  The majority of the morning will be taken up with recognising and celebrating the achievements of so many.  There’ll be flowers and prosecco and champagne (yes your dream was right!) and money and photos and whooping and cheering and clapping and so many smiles!  Even those who don’t go on stage will feel uplifted and encouraged seeing their fellow ambassadors heading up, knowing that everyone wants them to be there too and believes that they can and will be next time.

Tropic is a beautiful company, filled with beautiful people sharing a beautiful product range.  No you don’t have to know what you’re doing or have any knowledge of beauty products (we train and support you in that).  But if you want to be part of something where you are seen as both an individual and a valued team member, where you will be encouraged and recognised for all your achievements and efforts, where you will feel inspired to share what you experience with others, where if you don’t like prosecco now you had better grow to like it because you will get it(!), then I welcome you and can’t wait to meet you. 

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(I am an Independent Tropic Ambassador and the views and opinions expressed here are solely my own and not those of Tropic Skin Care Ltd)