October Opportunities

Hello everyone and welcome to October – ok I know we are actually nearly half way through now so I am sorry this is coming to you so late.  I have been incredibly busy sorting out my extension and helping my partner move out of his house and moving us into the new one…which is still a building site! Oh and since last month’s email we have had a small event called Glambassadors (check out the extended video on my fb page fb.com/tsckathrynbeniston ), where we launched a whole new range of products, massively upgraded and renamed some of our core products, completely changed our deluxe kit options, totally changed or said goodbye to others and brought out a beautiful range of Christmas gifts in limited edition packaging.  Oh and I also got engaged to my gorgeous partner, Richard!  It has been an exciting, busy and varied time; so grab a cuppa and let me tell you more.
New Season Products:
The best way for you to find out about the new products is to have a play with them yourself.  I’m taking bookings all the way into December for pampers, and I’ve also been doing a lot of 121’s for those who want a play but don’t fancy a pamper.  So please do get in touch to arrange either – it’s always the best way and gets your products for free too.  The new digital catalogue link is at the end of this paragraph.  One of the key changes I need to tell you about is to our ABC and Deluxe kits.  We now only have 2 kits, so gone are the Deluxe and Super Deluxe options. We now have the ABC kit and My Skincare Story Deluxe (available in eco and gifted depending if you need the box or not).  The ABC kit, still with the cleanser, toner and moisturiser (now called Skin Feast not Skin Revive and massively upgraded and increased in price by just £2) no longer has the free Face Smooth (still available as an individual product) but instead you can choose a free, significantly upgraded, face mask, saving you £20.  So choose from the Clear Skin Blemish Fighting Mask, the Hydration Mask or the Brightening and Tightening Face Lift Mask. We advise you keep these masks in the fridge now, treat them like food, and use a clean spoon to remove the product you want.
Then, if you want to treat your skin further you can continue to make choices and write your Skincare Story by choosing a treatment.  There are 3 options of the brand new Pure Lagoon – an oil free serum for purifying and hydrating the skin and fighting acne and blemishes, the upgraded and renamed Fruit Peel (was Good Skin Day) for resurfacing uneven textured skin, building strength, tightening and brightening on a much deeper level than the Face Smooth (Face Smooth is a physical exfoliator that buffs away dead skin on the surface, Fruit Peel is a surface and deep level exfoliator, plumping out the skin to deal with lines and wrinkles, but isn’t suitable for very sensitive skin or children.  It should be used with an SPF the day after).  And the 3rd option is the massively upgraded and renamed Skin Dream (was Night Repair) to really super moisturise and hydrate dry skin and fill out lines and wrinkles, reversing and preventing the signs of ageing.
And then when you have made these choices, we believe everyone should have the multi award winning Super Greens (improved formulation with added vitamin C and broccoli seed oils to make it even healthier for you) so we add this daily treatment into your kit for free.
So in summary, the ABC kit is £54 and comes with a £20 saving, the My Skincare Story Deluxe kit is £98 in the box or £96 not in the box and comes with a £60 or £62 saving, and you decide which mask and treatment is right for you in the moment.  It’s been such a pleasure recently to have customers contact me asking for a Cleanser ,Toner, Moisturiser and a Super Greens and I’ve been able to reply to say ‘Well you can choose a free mask and a free treatment worth £62 now!’  You can imagine how happy people have been.  So – which would you choose?  On page 17 of the catalogue you will find a key to help you choose which products will be best for you.
And whilst you’re browsing the catalogue, I encourage you to look at the gorgeous new eye products on pages 18 and 19 – Eye Work replaces and combines the old Eye Refresh and Eye Revive and the other a totally new night balm called Eye Dream really works on eyes that have deep lines and wrinkles around them (I’m loving that one).
Also brand new to us, on page 30 is Perfect Skin to deal with a skin condition called Keratosis Pilaris (bumpy, uneven textured skin often at the top of the arms and legs. NB not all bumps and rashes will be KP and I can’t diagnose this, so if you are unsure then please see a GP before using Perfect Skin as it shouldn’t be used on eczema, psoriasis or broken skin as it contains natural fruit acids that will sting damaged skin.)  Susie Ma herself suffers with keratosis pilaris and made this for herself, and has found it so effective that she had to bring it out for others who suffer with it.  So check that one out.
Then on Pages 33, 37, 40 and  42 you’ll find details of our limited edition Christmas collections.  I highly recommend the mini bath foam collection at just £22 with 3 100ml 100% natural bath foams, in the original scent and 2 new ones – this has already become out fastest selling product and it’s easy to see why when you see it in it’s gift box and smell the fragrances.  And also the Mini Whipped Body Velvet collection at £28 with 3 brand new fragrances (anyone who loves cake will love these!) They are 50ml each and again have been flying from the kitchen.
So – have a good browse, feel free to ask any questions and please get in touch to book your own pamper or 121 with me.
Oh and before I forget – the 1st 12 people who order an eco or gifted My Skincare Story Deluxe kit, get to open a door in the limited edition 12 Days of Tropic Christmas Calendar for a free gift.  There aren’t many doors left so get in touch to secure yours.  And if you want your own 12DOT (perfect as a gift to yourself from a significant other ;)) then you can pre-order those now.  They are, as always, made fresh and so there is a limited amount allocated in the kitchen and they will be made close to Christmas and sent out in time for Christmas to be as fresh as possible. They are £100, have 12 products – one is only available in the calendar and nowhere else, and the products in there are worth £126.  Amazing way to spread Christmas and Tropic out together over the Christmas period – question is, will you open one door a day from Christmas or open them all together in excitement?
Shopping Events vs Pamper
As we approach Christmas, we find people are looking for gift ideas for Christmas.  So if a sit down pamper isn’t your thing, but you have friends who love to shop and play, then I can happily come to you and set up more like a stall and have a Christmas shopping night with you.  In fact I know a few other people who sell things like jewellery, clothes, chocolates and cards – and I’d happily work with them for you to create your very own ladies shopping event if that was something that appeals to you (or just come along myself!)
January Roadshow – Save the Date:
Once again Susie Ma will be hitting the road again in January and touring the country to meet her ambassadors, customers and those who are considering joining the company.  I would love for you to be there.  The closest one to me is Birmingham on Monday 7th January at 7pm but there are lots of other dates around the country.  It’s free to attend and normally takes the format of Susie talking to everyone is her usual inspirational and informative way, and then Carlton having a panel of ambassadors, new and old, to talk about their journey with the company, before Karina spending some time encouraging current ambassadors as they head into the New Year with their businesses.  If you want to come along then please let me know and I’ll keep you up to date with the details and try to see if we can go together.  If you live elsewhere in the country then let me know and I’ll find the closest one to you.
Team Meetings
Every month in Tropic Leicester Team (we aren’t really geographically based but it’s the easiest way to describe us) we have a team meeting where ambassadors get together to celebrate, encourage each other and learn new things.  You are warmly invited to join me as my guest whenever you want.  It’s a great way to see more about who we are and what we are about.  We meet at the Charnwood Arms, just outside Coalville,  from 7-9.30 and rotate around Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays of the first week in a month.  If you would like to come and see what we get up to then just let me know.  I will be there from 6 each time, having a meal and making myself available to chat to team and guests alike who wants a catch up.
Hairdressers and Beauty Therapists
I need your help!  Most of us don’t cut our own hair – we trust the skills of a trained hairdresser to do that job for us.  And lots of us like to have our nails or eyebrows or waxing done by a trained beauty therapist.  These professionals make excellent ambassadors and Tropic Treasures as they have a huge clientele of people who trust them for beauty advice.  I’d love to see Tropic represented in more hair and beauty salons around the county and country as it will help to spread the Green Beauty Revolution message further.   Because these professionals spend so much time in the day on their feet and chatting to people, they often don’t want to promote Tropic in the way I do – through pamper evenings.  But they don’t have to.  By having a deluxe box on show, a few catalogues around and the kit available for people to have a play with whilst waiting for their slot or for their colour to develop, of experiencing it in their facial, they will find that Tropic will quickly and easily sell itself as people fall in love with it as we have done.  So, would you help me by creating positive introductions for me to your hairdressers and beauty therapists?  Tell them what you love about Tropic.  Let them know what you think about me (I’m assuming you like me 😉 ) and see if they would like to chat with me and borrow a few products to try for themselves and see what they think.  There’s no commitment to anything, but I am hoping they can see how the fastest growing skin care company in the country can easily slot into their businesses and make them extra income.  Remember we are vegan, cruelty free, freshly made, certified ethical and carbon neutral.  Add in fairly priced and offering a money back guarantee and the £160 to get the £447 products and business tools to start just becomes a bit of a no brainer to many people.  As a thank you for any conversations that take place through you, I will give you a Tropic gift and if that person joins then that ‘thank you’ will be even bigger. Thanks so much for your help in spreading the Tropic Love!
I look forward to hearing from you about the new products, your pamper/121/shopping night bookings, your interest in the roadshow and team meetings and details of your hairdresser and beauty therapists (with their consent of course!).
Have a wonderful October everyone.
Love Kat xx