Opportunities to join the Tropic Team

There are various opportunities you can explore and benefit from with me and Tropic Skincare.  My heart is to encourage you all to have the mind set I had when presented with these opportunities and think ‘what have I got to lose by starting my own Tropic journey?’  I’m not promising any easy successes or guaranteed incomes, and I can’t promise you won’t have to push yourselves out of your comfort zones (in fact I’m more likely to promise you will probably have to) but I can promise that you’ll be warmly welcomed, supported, trained and encouraged to go for your goals and your dreams; in the words of Susie Ma ‘Don’t follow your dreams – chase them!’  I can promise you’ll be part of a beautiful culture where lots of people (predominantly women) come together and, although all promoting and selling the same product, help and celebrate with each other which is a very powerful and empowering experience.

I am looking for motivated, positive people to join my team and if you are one of those people who wants to have your own business and work to your own plan then quite simply ‘what have you got to lose?’  Don’t delay, don’t let others steal your dreams, get in contact now and start that journey today.

Become an Independent Tropic Skincare Ambassador

A Tropic Ambassador is someone who has paid a joining fee to have the rights to sell Tropic Skincare to the general public and agreed to the terms and conditions set out by Tropic Skincare, is paid commission on all sales made and can work through the Tropic Success Plan in their own time and way.

First Step: Contact me – since this is a direct selling company and you will need to talk to people, do that from the beginning. Email me with your number and the best day and time to call and please answer when I do.
Second Step: We’ll have a chat over the phone or arrange to meet up and I can answer your questions.
Third Step: When you decide to join we’ll agree the best date to sign you up and you’ll pay your registration fee and become and ambassador.
Fourth Step: I will train you with your new kit and in all aspects of the business and ensure you have all the links, tools and contacts you need to feel confident in starting this journey successfully.
Fifth Step: This is where you make it happen (with my support and that of the team) and see your dreams become reality!
Become a Tropic Treasure
A Tropic Treasure is someone who passionately believes in Tropic and wants to tell everyone about it as they go about their everyday life, but instead of getting paid commission for this they gather orders on behalf of an ambassador (me) and for their efforts get 15% of the total orders to spend on Tropic Products.
First Step: As above - Contact me.
Second Step: I will send you order forms and some catalogues to take around with you.
Third Step: When you have at least £100 of orders and the payment for those orders, you contact me with the details and I will work out your product commission for you.

Fourth Step: You tell me what free products you would like and I place the order to come to you and you deliver the products to the customers you have taken orders from (and consider if this is actually something you would like to do as an ambassador!)

Be a Tropic Hostess
A Tropic Hostess is someone who invites me to come to their home, place of work or charity event and demonstrate the products to their friends and family and benefits from having 15% of the total sales in free Tropic products (or 10% cash for their charity/fundraising event).
First Step: Contact me as above.

Second Step: I will discuss a date with you that works for us both and talk over how to make the pamper as successful as possible.

Third Step: You put into place all that we’ve agreed and encourage as many friends and family to join your pamper as possible.

Fourth Step: We have a fabulous time (and you consider if this is actually something you would like to do as an ambassador!)

Be a Tropic Customer
A Tropic customer probably needs no explanation. Quite simply head over to my Shop link and see the options you have to be a customer. Whilst you are doing that, have a think about becoming a Tropic Ambassador…if I wasn’t an ambassador I’d be a customer, but why pay for my Tropic Products when selling them pays for my lifestyle?
Whatever option you decide on being right for you right now, keep an open mind about the others. Whatever excuses you have for not giving it a go, I bet I have solutions for you. Trust me, busy people make the best ambassadors, and those who thought they could never do it have the best stories to tell when they find out that actually they can.