‘Tis the season…

My fire is lit, my lounge is toastie and I’m…sitting under the air conditioning unit in a café at the local swimming baths waiting for my daughter to have her weekly lesson!  Oh well – I’ve lots to contemplate and plan because this is one of the best times of the year.  Especially if, like me, you are a social seller.  After all it’s only 12 weeks until a certain event and before that we have a change of clocks, Halloween and bonfire night.  It’s an exciting time all round really with lots to get stuck into.

Tomorrow is our first team meeting following the launch of our exciting new products last weekend and everyone will be getting together to share stories and plan for the season ahead.  It would be crazy not to plan…what’s the saying?! ‘Failing to plan is planning to fail!’[i]  When I first joined the social selling world I was a little snobby and arrogant about the whole thing, thinking that anyone can do it and there really isn’t much to it.  There are truths in both of those thoughts but they are not completely true.

1)      ‘Anyone can do it’.  Anyone can sign up to a social selling company and have a go at doing it, that is certainly true.  But not anyone can ‘do it’.  Not everyone will have the qualities, characteristics, motivation, perseverance, creativity etc it takes to turn a box of (talking Tropic) high quality, award-winning, natural products into a thriving, money-making business.  Of those who can do that, not all of them will know they can do it until they try it and discover that they actually can.  Some will naturally do it, some will be determined to learn how to do it and some simply won’t manage it.  But…at least they tried! Some don’t even do that!

2)      ‘There really isn’t much to it’.  Well, I guess that depends on your definition of success and what your goals are.  To be honest, Tropic really does sell itself so if you simply let people try it, generally they will love it and want it.  But, if you want to have a career in social selling then simply thinking you’ll get your friends and family to buy your products and sustain your business will certainly be a plan to fail.  I can’t speak for all social selling companies, I only know this one, but generally the more opportunities you create to meet new contacts and introduce them to your products the more you will sell therefore the more you will earn, the more chances of building your own team, the more bonuses, the more you have the financial freedom to do what you want with your life.  So the more you plan and put into your business the more you’re likely to get out of it.

With that in mind I come back to the season we have just started.  With radiators getting turned on, nights drawing in, hats and scarves coming out and of course the planning for the big C season.  It is a time where lists will be written and thoughts will turn to what to get for Aunty Julie, Grandma, cousin George…and the thousands of other individuals who all need gifts buying for them.  The wonderful thing about social selling is how easy we can make it for customers.  We go to them, they trust us to offer a good service and an excellent product and we ensure they have it with all the satisfaction guarantee a quality company offers.  And the best way to use our time as social sellers is to meet as many of those customers as possible in one place so we can give both a personal service and build relationships and allow customers the chance to have real confidence in what they are buying in a relaxed and no-pressure way – that can be through pampers, lunch time office meetings, coffee mornings, stalls, charity events and a whole host of other ways.

BUT those things don’t just happen.  A plan is needed to make connections, arrange dates, follow up customer service, create opportunities, prepare for the event and ensure there’s always time to be social.  A plan is also needed of what you want to achieve from the season and often that is a monetary goal.  Of course you can coast through the season and see what happens and what opportunities present themselves, and for some that is enough for them, but to me that’s a missed opportunity.  Of course I’ll take the opportunities that present themselves, but I’ll also know what I want to make, what I want to achieve and I have a plan to make those things happen.  I love to share and, as a lot of my team already know, I have shared my way of making a plan so they can adapt the model to suit them, and I’m always happy to do that.

I think, as I mentioned a little in my last blog, it’s fair to say I am just a little excited about this season; it has so many opportunities and it’s the season to plan for success.  I have to say here that if you’re reading this and you’re wanting in on the Tropic action and excitement then you all you have to do is get in touch with me and I’ll explain more (or head to the opportunities page and read more).   This season only comes around once a year so it’s a bit of a wait to the next one – make this one the best yet for you in whatever way that looks.

I am an independent Tropic Ambassador and the views represented here are solely my own.

[i] Benjamin Franklin