Uh-oh! I’m infected and contagious!

With a blog title like that you’re either drawn here for morbid curiosity, self-preservation or you’re wondering where on earth I’m going with it!

Well…to say I am excited is a MASSIVE understatement! What other words can I use?  I’m exhilarated, electrified, delighted, intoxicated, bushy-tailed (alright…Google synonyms are going a bit weird now!)  But what a weekend I have just had!!!  To be in a room with over 1400 women, a few (very lucky) men, the brilliant young female entrepreneur of the year – Susan Ma, Lord Sugar and my own fabulous team has been just wonderful.  But…there’s more! We had the best product launch I have ever been to and the best ever after party with over 1000 women staying to dance the night away and wow did we dance!!  The 3-5 min walk back to the hotel took my manager and me close to 20mins to hobble, and I mean hobble, bare-footed, back there.  The pain was immense…but it was worth it!!

I am infected with excitement and I have no doubt that I am contagious because no one I meet this week is not going to hear about the weekend I have just had.  I am pampering with ladies every single evening this week (by choice and design) and Saturday too and I can’t wait to get started.  (By the way for those of you wondering what of earth I’m on about – it was the Tropic Skincare Autumn/Winter product launch and the last season recognition award ceremony at Telford International Centre.  You can watch the official video by following this link https://vimeo.com/235154315 and you can see all these gorgeous new award-winning products by following this one https://issuu.com/tropicskincare/docs/issue_11_catalogue?mc_cid=bb6d44966a&mc_eid=774b0f96b8 )

Have you ever watched that advert with the babies laughing?  It’s not on anymore I don’t think, but it was on over and over again and each time I would think to myself ‘I’m not going to be affected this time’ and then every time, before even half way through, I was laughing along too.  Even thinking about it gets me smiling.  Happiness, laughter, excitement, passion, enthusiasm – it’s all infectious.  We are drawn to join in with the emotions of others.  We give out energy and emotions that connect with those around us all the time and, whilst there may be times that certain energies aren’t appropriate (the ‘morning person’ vs the ‘night owl’ at 6am for example, or hilarity at a funeral :/) most of the time giving out that excited, passionate, happy energy will lift those around you and inspire them to be excited and moved by the things that are touching your heart and passions in that moment.

There’s loads more I could say about this but to be quite honest I’m too excited to sit still and type…I am eager to get out there and meet some people and start telling them about my weekend.  I think anyone heading to or working in Aldi this morning doesn’t know right now what’s about to hit them!!  Yes you can even be excited and passionate in Aldi and believe me I will be…I’m off to buy some little bits for tonight, a few bubbles are in order and some extra treats too.  They say don’t go shopping on an empty stomach – I think it may be just as ‘dangerous’ to the wallet and waistline when high on excitement but that’s another story.

Go out there and spread some love, passion and excitement today everyone – it’s a wet, grey Monday but you can brighten it up just by being you! Go for it!


(I am an independent Tropic Skincare ambassador and the views represented here are entirely my own)