What a difference a day makes!

“What a difference a day makes!”  Such an old and well-known saying and so true! 24 hours ago I was lying on a lounger, in my bikini, next to my partner in front of a Spanish villa listening to…well nothing; absolute peace and tranquillity!  Enjoying the last few hours of our mini getaway together.  And now I am sitting in my dining room wearing trousers, socks, a (new) jumper (bit a retail therapy this morning to soften the blow!) and the heating on as the rain lashes down outside and the sound of the washing machine carries on behind me! Ok…that’s a negative spin on the trip; I could have started with the day before our trip and finished with lying on a lounger in Spain, but if you’re not there too I might have lost some of you at that point in the blog, so better to all be in the cold together eh?!

Well, with Tropic what a difference a day makes.  Have you heard about our gorgeous Sun Drops gradual tanning facial serum?  It has Good House Keeping Institute Status (that’s a big deal!) so you really need to know about it.  I love this little bottle.  Just the other day I was with a lady I’d met for the first time; I’d pampered her and her sons (all grown men…and they loved it!) and she’d placed an order with me and then as I was leaving she commented that I had a lovely tanned face to which I replied ‘Oh that’s because I use Sun Drops’ and she immediately replied ‘I want some of that too!’ (She shall have some!)  Anyone who knows me knows that I’m the slowest tanner in the world.  I get lots of freckles and I burn really easily so I have to wear factor 30-50 whenever I’m in the sun and I certainly can’t rely on a 3 day mini break to get me golden.  But with Tropic 100% natural Sun Drops I simply mix a few drops with my moisturiser either morning or night and ‘voila!’ I have a gorgeous golden tan within 12 hours.  Absolutely love it!  If you want to have your own (£22) then head over to my shop and see the ways you can get your hands on some.

But you know that’s not the biggest difference Tropic has made in my life.  Aside from giving me beautiful skin which in turn gives me far more confidence as a woman, the day I chose to join Tropic as an ambassador I gained an opportunity to have a lifestyle that works for me and that I really enjoy.  It put me in control of my time, my earnings, my development, my promotions, my holidays, my social life…in fact let’s just say it put me in control of my life.  I just love it!  I don’t want to be too dramatic and say I had none of those before; I had a job I had chosen to do and that I enjoyed (although it was getting increasingly stressful with more and more paperwork and more and more funding cuts so there wasn’t much room for development), I went on holidays although had only just got to a place in life where I could have a family holiday abroad – Tesco holiday vouchers to British caravan parks were our main holidays in previous years (and I can’t knock them…love caravan holidays).  But I had to work when I was contracted to work; I couldn’t just nip to school for the afternoon achievement assembly to see my kids get a reward for their efforts that week, I couldn’t drop everything and go to be with my friend who was having a hard time and just have a cuppa together, I couldn’t block out 2 week days to head off for a mini break to Spain without someone else’s approval and finding cover for all the work I was leaving behind, I couldn’t look forward to one day having a salary of over £100k! (I’m not there yet…but I’m looking forward to the day I will be!) But gosh (one of my frequently used words…don’t laugh!) what a difference a day makes!  One day I’d never heard of Tropic, then next day I was joining it. One day I was dreaming that maybe in the future I might own my own business, the next day I did!  

What difference will one day make in your life?  What dreams and plans do you have that you’re trying to find a way of making come true?  What lifestyle do you want to live?  Well there’s plenty over on my Opportunities page for you to explore.  Tropic made a huge difference in my life – what difference could it make in yours?! 

(I am an Independent Tropic Ambassador and the views and opinions expressed here are solely my own and not those of Tropic Skin Care Ltd)